Alien Linguistic Lab

In the near future it will be necessary to be linguistically prepared for communication with extraterrestrials. Alien Linguistic Lab has been developed as a workshop/educational program, where one is invited to decode messages from extraterrestrials and to broaden one’s understanding of language itself.

The Octopus, as recently demonstrated by the scientific community, is the closest living creature to an alien here on earth because of its unexplainably distant DNA sequence.  Linguini di sepia, which are tinted with the ink of cephalopods, could therefore carry alien information. The common ink excreted by cephalopods, normally understood as a chemical alarm for signaling encroaching predators, is actually a cloud of encoded linguistic messages.

Linguini is derived from Lingua (latin for language) which makes it a perfect linguistic unit. The method is simple: Taking a single al dente linguini di sepia noodle and throwing it onto a white wall.  The resulting shape of this gesture is then decoded using „Google translate“ language recognition function.  By repeating this protocol, the audience generates an oracle.

The transmitted messages of self-alienation are then interpreted, discussed, and absorbed.

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