Flying Sorcerer

Flying Sorcerer is an actualization of several medieval European and older South American traditions of intentionally destroying pottery, used in wedding and funeral rituals to scare bad spirits. It is a re-appropriation and customization of this technique, inviting the user to throw saucers against a wall. Using gravity as a controlled way of flying and crashing, the shivers (shiver meaning both “to tremble” and a piece of pottery) that have been shattered will be reassembled on site in an act of instant archaeology. These reformed objects will be listened to using a record player and a Morse App. The act of throwing objects as a domestic „reenactment“ of the UFO phantasm, is supposed to enable us to get over the shiver and decode the message of self alienation. The complete product, now fractured, opens room for the metaphysical interpretation throughout its gaps.

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