Universal Cleaner (Sanitizer)

„Universal Cleaner (Sanitizer)“ represents a gate between the physical and the mental, the real and the illusive, the analogue and the digital world. It reminds us of one thing: Even when our movements are restricted, the mind can go everywhere. The installation is based on the work series „Universal Cleaner (Detergent)“ from 2015. Schönfeld symbolically played on the extinction of technology and humanity. She poured liquid detergent on Ipad screens – the most feared technological threat – and photographed the results. Now, she repeats this gesture with a liquid that determines our current reality: hand sanitizer. A winding sculpture on a hypnotic floor becomes a metaphor for the ongoing cleaning processes we witness around the world: the unveiling of installed, but insufficient economic, political and societal structures – not to speak of our mind-body-constitutions.

Universal Cleaner, hand sanitizer on tablet screen, Galerie Barbara Thumm, 2020

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