En Trance

Who doesn’t know the door to the other world? One of those mysterious doors, which leads into the unknown, could be Porcino, the project space parasitically attached to the Gallery ChertLüdde, by just being a door.

František Kupka has some claim, along with Kandinsky and Picabia, to having invented abstract painting. Kupka was a spiritualist and rejected the idea that three-dimensional reality was the only visual experience. He based his abstract painting on inner visions sometimes brought on by clairvoyant trances. In En Trance, the entrance to the other world is disguised as a painting. The material on the canvas stretcher is painting is skin. The object has the visual potential of an abstract painting but is simultaneously able to suddenly open another door, adding another dimension, entering a trance by being activated as a drum. Drumming is one of the oldest technologies to induce trance. The objects presented at Porcino are hybrids of painting and drum, able to constantly be flipped from one state to another. Abstract painting is a male-dominated field. While frame drums in various traditions from the portuguese adufe to the greek tympanum, are mainly played by females, humans or goddesses.

En Trance, Drum/ Painting, Intallation view, Porcino Berlin, 2019

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