PPKK 06.00

In the frame of the exhibition ‘Hey, Mars!’ at Haus am Lützowplatz, PPKK hijacks the spear of the roman god Mars and turns it into an acupunctural device for excessive transcendental redistribution of universal gas.

In mythology, the spear of Mars was said to tremble or vibrate at impending war or other danger. According to theories of acupuncture the human body mirrors the universe and is seen as part of a cosmic, energetic operating structure, stretching in between the poles Yin and Yang. PPKK creates a short circuit between these two systems.

In response to the ever increasing accumulation of methane in the Earth’s atmosphere, PPKK extracts the electromagnetic waves of methane produced in the rumen of a farmed cow’s digestive system. It then transmits these vibrations into a dance pole and channels Mars’ warrior psyche by stabbing his methane infused needle into mankind, thus relieving humanity’s constipation in regards to its gas overproduction.

To do so, PPKK creates a pop-up clinic, where exhibition visitors can sign up to get the treatment. Mars, as therapist, dances around her acupuncture pole and charges the needle with her gravity-defying dance. The vibrating acupuncture needle is then inserted into the patients’ prescribed meridian to effectively enter the human energetic system and consciousness.

PPKK is a casual nomadic lab founded in Berlin 2016 by Sarah Ancelle Schoenfeld and Louis -Philippe Scoufaras, in the pursuit of analyzing, reflecting upon and digesting specific (local) contexts, generating mythological, technological and excessive trickster outputs in order to shift perspectives and enable juicy new interpretations.

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