PPKK 04.00

In the frame of the concert entitled Mythology, Electricity and Music, located in the monumental Herkulessaal in Munich, PPKK map out a constellation of frequencies based on the concert hall’s mythological symbolism within Germany’s brown times.

For PPKK 04.00, its 4th collaboration, the duo developed a musical instrument consisting of seven turntables. On each player spins a record whose sound is a single continuous note, each record having its own scaled note: an abstracted sound compression stemming from field recordings in industrial cow stables.  By abusing the 33/45 speed controller on the record players which alters the pitch of every note to a quarte, a composition of musical waves is live performed by a female bodybuilder.

Hercules’ 5th labor, which obliged him to entirely wash the largest and dirtiest cow stables in ancient Greece, serves here as the main reference. The shit in the stables had not been cleaned for decades, making the task impossible to accomplish in the requested time. Hercules found a solution to this complicated mess by redirecting a river through the stables. PPKK adopts Hercules’ strategy of using waves to clean shit.

PPKK is a casual nomadic lab founded in Berlin 2016 by Sarah Ancelle Schoenfeld and Louis -Philippe Scoufaras, in the pursuit of analyzing and reflecting upon specific (local) contexts, generating mythological, technological and trickster outputs in order to shift perspectives and enable fruitful new interpretations.

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