PPKK 01.00

(Amidst rumblings of thunder the Chorus of Nephelai (Clouds) appears.) Chorus [of Nephelai] (singing): Eternal Nephelai (Clouds), let us appear; let us arise from the roaring depths of Okeanos (Oceanus), our father; let us fly towards the lofty mountains, spread our damp wings over their forest-laden summits, whence we will dominate the distant valleys, the harvest fed by the sacred earth, the murmur of the divine streams and the resounding waves of the sea, which the unwearying orb lights up with its glittering beams. But let us shake off the rainy fogs, which hide our immortal beauty and sweep the earth from afar with our pizza.

Adapted from Prometheus Bound, Aeschylus

The lonely inflatable slice of pizza is pulled by a rowboat onto a body of water. Its air valves gets opened and 40 kilograms of dry ice are dumped onto it. It is then abandoned at sea. The weight of the ice causes the air in the pizza to slowly evacuate, and with a suspenseful waiting time, water begins to take over. The dramatic chemical reaction of the water and dry ice causes a crescendo of fog to emerge from the slice of pizza, and the pressure released from the fog causes the pizza to perform a melancholic dance until its last breath.

PPKK is a casual nomadic lab founded in Berlin 2016 by Sarah Ancelle Schönfeld and Louis-Philippe Scoufaras, in the pursuit of analyzing and reflecting upon specific (local) contexts, generating mythological, technological and trickster outputs in order to shift perspectives and enable fruitful new interpretations.

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